Jean & Rick
welcome you to on the fox studio & gallery

Our contemporary portrait studio specializes in Vanity Fair styled portraits and a celebrity experience for everyday women that is transformative - The ultimate portrait experience for you, your sisters, mom, or best friends.  The gallery specializes in the use of more than 80 different fine art papers and offers select images for purchase from our sports, wildlife, outdoor adventure, and travel photography collections.

Portraits and nature photography have a lot in common.  They both have hidden beauty and character that isn't always visible until it has been affectionately revealed by a gifted photographer.  Both portraits and nature photos can capture characteristics unseen by the eye, but are experienced through the emotions.  And, perhaps most importantly of all, they both have the capacity to captivate viewers beyond a single lifetime.    

Of all your possessions, what brings you the most joy?
We specialize in creating images as a way to capture fleeting moments in time that offer your future self an unparalleled look back; one that would have been lost forever had we not clicked the shutter.